Friday, February 17, 2006

Minutes: 18 Oct 2005


Here are the minutes of our meeting on 18th October, with dates coming up.

Calvin went to the national planning meeting in Oxford on 1st October. This was well attended, and he has posted a good summary on his blog:

The national demo in London appears to be well organised and widely publicised - same for the national campaign.

Concerns were raised that no details have been forthcoming about the Edinburgh demo, and that there seems to be very little publicity.

[NOTE: I have since spoken to Gavin Smith from Edinburgh who states they are awaiting approval of the route but plan to meet at 11am for a demo. So, at least there will be a demo, but organisation is way behind that of the London demo.]

2) Public meeting:

I have booked the Art Centre room from 7-9pm on 22nd November 2005. Cost 37 pounds.

[Penny Howard has just emailed me now to say it clashes with George Galloway's talk in the Music Hall. Will or can we re-schedule? Please await further mail shortly!]


WWF - have been asked to provide a speaker about the Kyoto/post-Kyoto negotiations. Awaiting confirmation.

Oil in the City: David has contacted Duncan Hart from Edinburgh and asked him for a talk. He would speak about the impact of oil on our own lives and options for living without oil. Oil in the City did an art project on the topic in Aberdeen some time ago.

Speaker on Oil and War: Penny and Joshua have contacted Angela McCormick from Glasgow, who is a member of Globalise Resistance and the Campaign Against Climate Change.

Development NGO: Calvin to follow up. If he has not got a speaker yet, John McAllion, who works for Oxfam in Dundee might be a good choice.

All speakers to be asked whether they need Power Point or any other equipment.

We will try to finalise speakers by 25th October, if possible.


Everybody to look at suitable images for display at a stall, prior to the first Saturday in November. Almuth to get them printed out. Please email myself with web-addressed for pictures!

David and John will draft an information leaflet about global warming and the campaign and post it to the group for comments. Penny can get leaflets printed.

Calvin will draft the leaflet for the public meeting and demo once we have got the full details.

Stalls -

Stall at Abergreen student fair - time to be confirmed (16th or 17th November)

Stall every Saturday in November, if possible. Penny and Joshua can provide the table.


Saturday, 29th October, Belmont Street (market), 12 noon onwards.


Everybody please try and find a suitable video to show!


Details of costs to be sent to Gerard for funding application to UNISON. [NOTE: Done.]


We can use the national website to advertise our meetings, but just now we will email full details to everybody on this list (ie everybody who is getting this one), and important announcements to the bigger G8A list. Please send emails to myself and I will forward them to everybody on this list (I will try to get it changed so everybody can email everybody else, but am still trying to find out how to do this, sorry).

8th November, 7.30 pm New Kings Building


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