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MINUTES: 3rd Sep 2007

Minutes: 3 Sep 2007 Aberdeen Campaign against Climate Change (PDF VERSION)

Items on the agenda
Action at Offshore Europe
Speaker available on 29th October
Bank Account for the group
Critical Mass to Live Again?
Possibility of solidarity with Save Iceland campaign.
Rising Tide Day of Action against RBS
Field signs for overhead aircraft.
Freshers Fayre
Representative at CCC Oxford meeting.
Discussion of 'everything we do and our overall direction'

Offsore Europe
Play organised play on Guantanamo Bay to highlight one of the many god deeds that oil companies are involved in when not pumping oil. Halliburton made much of 'Gitmo'.
Group to assemble in Aberdeen 9:30 Wednesday 05th of September on Union Street and take bus to Aberdeen Exhibition Centre.
Plan involves getting into the Foyer of the exhibition centre and reading poetry writte by one of the ditainees of Gitmo. Stickers , will also be plastered around with a variety of slogons.
We will have two leaflets; one attacking Halliburton, one pleading for people to 'come on over to the other side'.
(NAME) to deal with press release.
(NAME) will produce both leaflets and send to printers.
(NAME) will pick up leaflets on day of Wed morning.
(NAME) has donated £40 for leafler printing.
(NAME) noted after the meeting that Repro Overflow (Link) offer cheap printing. 3p Per Sheet for A4 coppying of good qauntities i.e 200 or more 'while you wait'. Phone:01224 646426 Addr: Unit 5-6, Frederick Street

Mandy Meikie of Depletion Scotland Available to Talk on 29th October.
(NAME) to book Arts centre or Peacock?
Opportunity to promote Dec 8th action.
We need to decide on a definet location (Edn/Glas) in order to promote action.

Unity Trust Bank Account.
We need three acount holders, any two of whom will be able to authorise checques.
(NAME), (NAME) and (NAME) all volunteered (NAME) is already taking the nessicary steps.
We need a constitution. This needen't be complex.

Critical Mass
(NAME) to find out when Aberdeen cycle forum is on...UPDATE: Sep 25th
Date (15th October) of RBS day of action would enable more people to attend, as has been found in the past with a joint cycle and protest.

International day to save iceland is Sep 12th .
Discussion on relavence to our group.
(NAME) going to look online for film/documentary. Aberdeen University people known by (NAME) are planning a political film night and this could be good for them.

Rising Tide day against RBS 15th October.
This is based on the fact that RBS calls itself 'the oil and gas bank'.
Report by Platform: The Oil And Gas Bank (Link)
Highlights a general trend in banks claiming to be socially responsible and carbon neutral but still funding hydrocarbon extraction, transportation and consumption projects.
Some amongst the group concenred about the relavency of this to our campaign and the difference between RBS and others.

Field Signs for Aircraft
There was a discussion about the idea of hiring a field to create some sort of sign visable from overhead aircraft.
(NAME) to look into the cost.
There where many suggestions about some sort of sign to be visible from the air. Including painting in the nearby disused Quary.
It may alternatively be possible and cheaper to create a billborad visable to people going to Aberdeen airport.
It may be even cheaper to replace adverts on the roundabouts approaching Aberdeen airport.
It would also be even cheaper to modify these in some way.

Freshers Fayre 1-3pm Saturday 15th September
We will share a stall with Shared Planet: (NAME) and (NAME) will do this.
We will organise a meeting for the next week Monday 25h planning meeting and climate camp discussion.
(NAME) to design leaflet.

Representative at CCC-Oxford meeting on Oct 6th
(NAME) will go unless her timetable is a problem in which case (NAME) will go.

Discussion of 'everything we do and overall direction'
(NAME) had some notes on things he thought should be discused. These are mainly questions and not personal views. These where presented largely as talking points, issues to be thought about and addressed at our next meeting. Image on next page contains this in overview.

Out of this disucssion (NAME) and (NAME) did decide to work together on materials for lobbying mp's and a working group visiting many local mp's seemed likely to form.

Next meeting date.

The next meeting was set for Tuesday 18th October. Monday the 17th was thought to clash with a meeting of Shared Planet.


On Saturday 22nd Everyone is invited to Number One for a Campaign against Climate Change fundraiser. This will hopefully be a busy will also be an opportunity to speak to people about the campaign and perhaps get some standing order forms filled out. Plus great cake, and home made cakes! Come and enjoy ballater for an afternoon.

Overall discussion of what we do and where we are going (Contd. on PDF Version)

Friday, April 28, 2006



1. Media:
I was interviewed again by Grampian TV on Tuesday with regard to Aberdeen airport expansion. They were aware of our planning meeting, as was the Evening Express who sent a reporter to listen to everything we discussed last night.

[MY COMMENTS: We very much welcome contact with the media, and all our meetings are open to whoever wishes to attend! However, it may be worth stressing the difference between public meetings and planning meetings: A public meeting would usually include a presentation or video and we would wish to advertise it widely, including through the local media. Planning meetings, whilst open to anybody, are meetings for people who wish to be actively involved in campaigning in some way - we need them to plan stalls, future public meetings, etc. Media attention of planning meetings might, I fear, make it difficult for people to feel confident enough to share their views and ideas - no criticism of anybody intended, but I would welcome some media restraint in future. Many thanks.]

1. Airport Campaign:

We are still waiting for BAA to submit the Environmental Impact Assessment - they now say they expect to do so in May. Once they do so, a 4-week period will start during which people can object to the planning application for the runway extension. This will be our next focus.

We will do regular stalls and leafletting, using the previous but adapted leaflet against airport expansion, together with a new one-page fact sheet to help people right their own objection letter. Only individual objection letters are accepted by the Council, not standard ones (they are all counted as just one letter, we believe). We will also ask to give oral evidence to Councillors when the planning application is discussed.

Richard has offered to be a media contact for all issues relating to noise and quality of life under the flight path. He also helped to explain the different stages of the planning process. Thanks!

Once the Environmental Impact Assessment is published, as many of us as possible need to study it and help with the response. I will send an email out about this when it is published.

We discussed ideas for a 'publicity stunt' , possibly on 10th June (European Day Against Airport Expansion), and also in connection with the planning discussion. There were ideas about climate disaster images to use, as well as a 'street theatre' actions - any ideas welcome!

2. Public Meeting wit Jonathan Neale:

Jonathan Neale from the National Planning Committee of the Campaign Against Climate Change will speak at Aberdeen Foyer on 24th May, 7.30 pm. We would wish to make this a widely advertised public meeting and ask other groups to endorse it.

3. Critical Mass:

As before, last Saturday of the month, 1pm from the Castle Gate. Please help to circulate the fliers and posters.

4. Stalls:

We will be doing a stall at the May Day Rally, on Monday, 1st May - volunteers needed!

5. 3rd June Conference

We may be able to give some financial support to people who would like to go to the national conference of the Campaign Against Climate Change. This will be a very interesting and hopefully motivating event - for full details see . Please contact me if you are interested.

6. Next Planning Meeting:
Monday, 8th May, 7.30 pm (New Kings Building, Room NK7)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Minutes: 21st March 2006

Here are things that we need help with URGENTLY:

1. Most important: Remember to send a letter to BAA TODAY if you wish to object to Aberdeen airport expansion (if you have not done so already).

2. The period during which people can object to BAA's planning application for a runway extension will re-open as soon as BAA submit the Environmental Impact Assessment. This will be advertised in the local press. Please email me as soon as you find it published in the press, so that we don't miss the date!

3. We have had a long discussion about how to highlight our opposition to airport expansion and how to campaign further on this. However, there were only six of us at the last meeting, and we want to find out what others would like to be done. Please let me know if you have any ideas - we might also be able to have a short planning meeting with people who just want to speak about the airport campaign.

4. Please keep advertising the Critical Mass and come along this Saturday, 1pm, Castle Gate!


1. Fundraising:
Aly has been growing a half beard for a month now and has raised 300 pounds for the group as a result. Many thanks!

2. Airport Campaign:

The consultation period for the BAA Outline Masterplan ends this Friday. The consultation period for BAA's planning application for runway extension will re-open for four weeks as soon as BAA submit the Environmental Impact Assessment. This is expected to happen mid-April, but we all need to monitor the local press from now on, because it could happen any time. It will have to be advertised in the local papers.

Our focus will now shift onto Aberdeen City Council, who will decide whether to grant permission for the runway extension. We will:
- do stalls during the 4 week period where we will ask people to object to the planning application;
- write to all Councillors, with a copy of the report The Two Faces of BAA, and ask whether any Councillor might want to meet with us;
- Leafletting: Somebody had suggested going back to Dyce and leafletting. It would be great if any Dyce residents could do that - we could help design and copy/print the leaflets;
- have a presence at the Town House when the planning application is debated (early summer, probably)

We will seek advice about the planning process, eg to establish whether it is lawful for BAA to have commissioned the Environmental Impact Assessment from a company which may have a clash of interest, to find out whether standard letters signed count as formal objections, or whether we can help to get a full public enquiry.

There will be a European Day of Action on Aviation on 10th June. We had a long discussion about this or any other date suitable for possible local action, and would like to meet with others opposed to airport expansion to discuss it further.

Small grants are available for opposing airport expansion and we will find out whether this could help us (so that we could put the money from fundraising towards other public meetings and getting people to London for the National Conference and the 4th November Demo).

3. Critical Mass:

The next Critical Mass will take place this Saturday, 25th March. Posters and fliers (for bikes) can be downloaded from the website:

Leaflets called "Some recommendations to improve the enjoyment and safety of our monthly critical mass" (about how to be part of the traffic and about the route) will be handed out at the Critical Mass.

A press release has been sent out.

We will advertise our next meeting to participants by handing out fliers.

A very negative article about the first Critical Mass was published in the a newsletter of the Cycling Touring Club, Grampian. It alleged, amongst other things, that an ambulance had been held up: A very serious allegation, but one that people who were at the event believe to be completely untrue. It is important that those who attended the event reply to the article. [Please let me know if you would like a copy and have not already been sent one].

4. Next Meeting:
Kevin Christie from Scarf and David McGrath from SiGen Fuel Cells have offered to give a presentation about low or zero carbon energy at our next meeting, Tuesday, 11th April, 7.30 pm, New Kings Building.

5. Speakers' Tour:

Johnathan Neale, member of the National Planning Committee of the Campaign Against Climate Change and author of several books has offered to come to Aberdeen and speak at a public meeting. Our group would only cover the cost of the venue. Almuth to arrange a date suitable for him. Penny to contact different organistions, such as trade unions, Senior Citizens Forum, etc and ask them to make this a joint public meeting. At the meeting with Johnathan Neale, somebody from the Aberdeen group should speak about our group, particularly the campaign against Aberdeen airport expansion.

Mark Lynas had been asked if he would do a Scottish speaking tour, but is not available in the near future. He suggested asking George Monbiot, which we will do, but we are aware that he is unlikely to be available any time soon for family reasons.

6. Other National Action:

On 20th May there is a national day of action, with a focus on Exxon Mobil. Local groups will do their own events, and can choose a different focus if they wish. This will be discussed in detail at the next planning meeting, and we will try and find out what other groups are planning in the meantime.

On 3rd June there will be the National Conference in London and we hope that as many people from Scotland as possible can attend. Accommodation will be available and we may wish to subsidise transport.

For all national events, see for more details.

Penny spoke about Condolezza Rice's visit to northern England, where Stop the War members will be leafletting and protesting. We will bring this to the attention of CCC groups in northern England and to the CCC National Office.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Minutes: 8th March 2006


here are the minutes for our meeting on 8th March.

I have emailed notes about the discussion on palm oil and biofuels separately.


We urgently need ideas for a stunt on 24th March (see below). We really need at least ideas before our meeting on 21st March. If you can think of anything at all, please email me and I will circulate it.

1 Critical Mass:

The first critical mass cycle ride went well with about 50 people attending. Most people seemed to enjoy it and will hopefully be back on 25th March. The Police were present in February but will hopefully now be assured that the Critical Mass events are completely lawful and will abide by normal traffic rules. For that next event, Alberto will draft a small leaflet about 'traffic behaviour' and the route of the cycle ride which people can comment on. The final version will be given to people who take part in future critical mass events, and can also be given to the Police if they are present.

It was suggested to contact the press before the next event, however there is no spokesperson and it should be clear that our group supports but does not actually organise the events. We will seek advice on how to approach the media.

Finally, Jon will be asked to change the date on the fliers and posters, so that the new version can be put on our website. Everybody can then distribute them before 25th February.

George Simpson will enquire about contacting cycling clubs in Aberdeen.

Kris will write a short piece about the first event for Scottish Indymedia and Critical Mass websites.

2. Airport Campaign:

We had a long discussion with feedback from the public meeting. We will email the Planning Department to find out when objections to the planning application for a runway application have to go in.

No final decisions were made, but ideas being considered are:

- writing to BAA and political representatives as a group, as well as individuals;
- a stall or leafletting outside the shopping centre or on High Street in Dyce, in connection with the planning application for runway extension;
- a stunt with prior press release on Friday, 24th March, the date the BAA Masterplan Consultation closes.

3. Future Meetings:

Tuesday, 21st February, 7.30 pm in the Bar at the Belmont Cinema (planning meeting)

April - meeting at New Kings Building with presentations about renewable/alternative technologies - date to be confirmed by speakers

I attach information about a public meeting about wind energy, organised by the North East Mountain Trust.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Minutes: 8th Feb 2006


There will be a stall in Belmont Street this Saturday, 18th February, 1-3pm. Please come along if you can!

Below are the minutes of yesterday's meeting. Please note the Scottish Groups meeting in Dundee on Saturday, 25th February. If you are interested in going along then please email me!

1. Fundraising:
Dissent!Aberdeen organised a gig on 12th February which raised 172.15 pounds for our group. Many thanks! 37 pounds of this have to go to the Art Centre which just invoiced us for the public meeting in November, and about 25 pounds will have to go to the Dyce Community Centre for the next public meeting. Sponsored mountain hike to be discussed at a later meeting

2. Airport Campaign:
We will have three speakers at the public meeting: Susan Dye, Information Worker for Airport Watch and member of Stop Luton Airport Expansion; John Stewart, Chair of both Airport Watch and Transport 2000, and Harry Horsley, lecturer in Health Studies.
The public meeting will involve no costs to the group other than the venue and perhaps some photocopying of posters.
I will say a few words about the aims of our group and about the reason why we are campaigning against Aberdeen airport expansion.
We still need a chair, and will ask both Emma Morison and Penny if one of them might volunteer.

Stalls: 3-4 people have volunteered for a stall this Saturday, 18th February, 1-3pm in Belmont Street,

Leafletting: 3 people have volunteered for door-to-door leafletting in Dyce on Sunday.

Posters - I will be emailing them to everybody shortly. It is important that all of us put up as many posters as possible!

Press release: To discuss with the speakers from Airport Watch and send out.

BAA Meeting: Two of us to attend the BAA drop-in session next Wednesday, in order to get full information about the flight path and the land to be used for runway expansion.

Shared Planet: We will ask Shared Planet to book a venue and help advertise a students' meeting with the speakers from Airport Watch.

3. Critical Mass:
First event has been organised on Saturday, 25th February, 1pm at the Castlegate. Calvin will put the fliers on our website (http://climatechangecampaign.blogspot/ ) . Everybody to print ut and distribute as many as possible on bikes in Aberdeen. Also, everybody to spread the word, including through email lists. We will hand out our generic leaflet and the leaflet about the public meeting at the event.

4. Feedback from the National Planning Meeting:

Calvin and I went to the London meeting on 11th February. Unfortunately for us Calvin was so impressed with people there that he will now be moving to London to help out in the Londong office of the campaign! Thanks for all his work here.

It was inspiring to hear that this year's climate change demonstration (on 4th November, coinciding with the next international climate talks in Nairobi) will almost certainly be far bigger than any climate change demonstration before. Stop Climate Chaos are taking a very active role and want to make it the size of Make Poverty History last year. The Campaign Against Climate Change work to make sure that there is a strong focus and that this will build a stronger movement in years to come. The national campaign focuses on a binding international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and on the Big Ask, which would oblige the UK to reduce emissions by 3% every year. The campaign also works closely with Stop Esso, because Exxon Mobil have helped to destroy any attempt at regulating CO2 emissions and are behind the US decision to abandon Kyoto.

There will be a national day of action on climate change in June, where groups will organise marches, vigils or other events across the country.

5. Scottish Groups Meeting:
This will take place in Dundee on 25th February (unfortunately the same time as the Critical Mass). We will talk about building a stronger Scottish campaign, and some of us from Aberdeen may have to think about supporting people in other citities which have no active groups at present (ours is the most active Scottish group just now). There are 10 people in Dundee hoping to form a group, which is good news.

We had a brief discussion about a Scottish demo on 4th November. There was a feeling that people would rather be part of the big demo in London, but that there should be vigils or solidarity actions by those who could not get to London. A decision will be made at the Scottish meeting in Dundee.

6. Next Meeting:
Wednesday, 8th March, 7.30 pm at New Kings Building (venue to be confirmed). We will be showing a series of short videos by Christian Aid about climate change and developing countries.

Minutes: 6th February 2006


here are the minutes which Alister wrote from the meeting on Monday, 6th February (I was not able to be there myself):

1. Campaign against airport expansion:
Leafletting in Dyce went well, with relatively little negative feedback. There will be a stall in Belmont Street on Saturday, 18th February, 12.30-2.30 pm
Public meeting will go ahead on 28th February, speakers still being contacted.

2. Critical Mass:

The first event will be on Saturday, 25th February, 1pm, starting from the Castlegate. Alberto presented ideas for flyers which will be left on bikes all over Aberdeen.


Penny suggested that the group discuss a focus once the BAA consultation period on airport expansion finishes. To be discussed fully at the next meeting.


Kris mentioned a debate/meeting on "wind farms versus scenery" on 23rd March at the United Services Association (United Nations Association??), Bon Accord Square. [NOTE: Can anybody with details of time, speakers, content please send them to me and I can email others. Thanks].


Dave reminded everyone of the ACCC benefit gig being held at the Tunnels this Sunday from 8.30 onwards. Funds raised will go to Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change

9. Next Meeting

Mondays clash with Shared Planet and AU Socialist Society meetings, so a Thursday was suggested. Alister to book the Blue Lamp.

Minutes: January 23rd 2006

Minutes from the Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change, 23rd January 2006

1. Campaign against airport expansion in Aberdeen:

The leaflet, poster, draft objection letter and fact sheet are now on . Almuth to adapt the leaflet for door-to-door leafletting, so that it announces the public meeting and has the poster on the back. Aly and Penny will copy that leaflet. We will also have simple postcards before next weekend. We have had two stalls so far. It is important for as many people as possible to write their own individual letters to BAA and to copy them to their political representatives.

Door-to-door leafletting: Next two Sundays, meet 11am in Victoria Street, Dyce. To be done in pairs for personal safety.

Public meeting: We will book the Dyce Primary School dining hall for Tuesday, 28th February, 7.30-9.30 pm. Calvin will try and get a speaker who has campaigned against expansion of an existing international airport, if possible. We could also contact Transform Scotland for a speaker, as well as the Unison health workers' branch in Aberdeen.

Posters will be done for the public meeting and go to all libraries, community councils and different venues. Aly will ask shops along the flight paths to put them up. Caitlin will do publicity at the University, particularly at the Fair Trade Cafe.

We have written to the Community Councils most affected by airport expansion. So far, we have only had one (positive) response. Calvin will follow this up.

Almuth to write to local environmental/conservation organisations about airport expansion. Kris to raise this with the North East Mountain Trust.

We will do a full press release shortly before the public meeting.

2. Groups get-together:

We suggest Saturday, 25th February for a Scottish groups meeting, in Dundee.

3. Critical Mass Cycle Ride:

This should still go ahead at the end of February. Alberto will follow up on this and forward full details. Information about the general idea can be found on .

4. Outreach:

Almuth has spoken to Camphill, and to Aberdeen Trades Council, and has been invited by a retired workers' T&G branch. We will try to build more contacts, inlcuding with other trade union branches. Any ideas for possible talks welcome. Anybody can do them, if they like. A display at the Central Library was suggested - to be discussed further next meeting.

5. Film shows:

The recent films Letters from Brazil and Letters from Grangemouth (about BP's impact in Scotland and the destructive eucalyptus plantation they fund in Brazil in order to 'offset' their emissions here) has now been released. We will contact the Belmont Cinema to ask whether they might wish to show it - otherwise we can try and show it ourselves.

6. Fundraising:

Dissent!Aberdeen are organising a gig on 12th February at 8pm at the Tunnels. The money raised will go towards this campaign (thanks!).

We will have a sponsored hill-climb at the end of March. Anybody interested to contact Calvin.

7. Next Meeting:

We will aim for two meetings a month - one standard planning meeting and the other with a topical talk or video. Our next meeting will be on Monday, 6th February at New Kings Building (venue to be confirmed). We will be showing a video about public and media perception of climate change, followed by a discussion and then by a shorter planning meeting.

Minutes: 16 Dec 2005


We will be holding a stall tomorrow, Saturday, 12 noon at Belmont Street. Please come along if you can!

Here are the minutes of Wednesday's meeting:

1. We had a long discussion about the Montreal climate change conference and protests. All agreed that a much stronger campaign and international movement was needed if there was to be any hope of avoiding catastrophic climate change.

2. Following a brainstorming session, the following ideas were taken forward:

Mary Scott to send an edited version of our general leaflet to the Green Diary and ask them to print it. Future media work to be discussed - anybody who has any useful contacts, please let us know!

Road building, including the Western Peripheral Road, is one of the main reasons for Scotland's rising CO2 emissions. Aberdeen Friends of the Earth are taking the lead in campaigning on this, and members might wish to join their mailing list to find out more [if you contact myself, I will forward your details to the FoE mailing list, if you wish].

Shared Planet and Dissent are planning a Critical Mass cycling event, to be held monthly from the end of February. This will be supported by our group, and we will highlight the impact of road transport on the climate.

BAA are consulting on their Outline Masterplan to extend the runway and help to increase air travel from Aberdeen. The consultation ends on 24th March. The group decided to work on this issue over the next few weeks. This will involve a new leaflet (Calvin to draft), stalls, door-to-door leafletting, a draft objection letter, contacting Dyce newsagents to try and distribute materials, attending residents' meetings (BAA will inform us when they will be held), and making local contacts. First stall this Saturday, 12 noon, Belmont Street.

We have been invited to speak at the Aberdeen Trades Council on 11th January. [Also, since the meeting, to speak at Camphill on 16th January]. We are looking to approach other groups to make contacts, and try and get more people involved in the campaign and in work against climate change. Penny will contact unions whose members work in public transport, and the amnesty international group. Everybody to think of ideas for other groups to approach.

A sponsored swim on Boxing Day was suggested, but didn't appeal to anybody! Alfonso will be printing badges to be sold. Please contact him if you have an idea for a design other than the CCC logo. Fundraising to be discussed further next time.

Monday, 9th January, Blue Lamp, Gallowgate

There has been a lot of positive coverage about the Montreal Climate Change Agreement. At last, Kyoto is workable - so the world is now where it should have been in 1998 had it not been for US and other obstruction. The Kyoto signatories have agreed to discuss future targets by 2008. The US have had some bad press coverage, but have essentially not given ground. They went back to the conference only when they were assured that talks would not be binding. Altogether a more positive outcome than expected. It would give us a lot of hope if we could avoid dangerous climate change by stabilising the atmosphere at 550 ppm CO2 (now about 380 ppm CO2) by 2050.

At the same time, top climate and earth scientists have been meeting in the US. Many of them are convinced that, within 10 years, the world will be committed to temperatures not seen for over half a million years, and to a climate catastrophe involving massive methane/CO2 releases from melting permafrost, collapse of major ocean currents, mass extinction on land and at sea, runaway polar melting, and megadroughts and flooding. James Hansen from NASA says that the result will be a very different planet. Read here for more: Many top scientists have expressed fears for their own and their families' futures Only massive cuts in emissions now will save us - Montreal got nowhere close to avoiding catastrophe. No grounds for euphoria, or complacency.

Minutes: 8 Nov 2005


There will be a stall for the Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change this Saturday, 12 - 2pm. We will meet at the Third World Centre at 11.50 am and the stall will be in Belmont Street.

So far, there are only two of us, and having one or more people would really help with the leafletting! Please email me if you can help for even part of the time, or just turn up.

Next Wednesday or Thursday, we will need volunteers who can help at a stall for an hour or two between 10am and 4pm. Please contact me if you can help!

Also, under minutes, please note that we need all the help with putting up posters we can get!


Minutes of our meeting on 8th November:

1. Feedback from the national Campaign:

The Demo in Edinburgh is being widely advertised by local groups, and Stop Climate Chaos have asked all their member organisations to contact their members and encourage them to go.

There is now an e-group for the Scottish groups, which you can join if you wish. The website address is .

2. Public meeting

The speakers confirmed for the public meeting on 23rd November are Nick Gotts from the Aberdeen Greenpeace group, Gavin Smith from the Scottish Campaign Against Climate Change (main organiser of the Edinburgh demo), and Duncan Hart, Oil in the City. A speaker about Oil and War is yet to be confirmed.

We have been unable to get a speaker from any of the development NGOs, despite contacting all relevant organisations. Penny Howard will speak about climate change and Southern Africa (I will send her relevant studies and background information, which Calvin will also publish on his web-blog).

Penny will ask Emma whether she might like to chair the meeting.

Power point projector and screen to be arranged.

3. Posters and publicity:

It is important that we put up as many posters for the public meeting and the demo as possible. I attach the poster for the public meeting. The poster for the demo can be downloaded from
A flier can be downloaded from .


I will put up posters around Belmont Street and Union Street and in the libraries.

Calvin will speak to a freelance journalist. Penny will contact the local media this week and ask for the public meeting to be included in the local events diaries. Full press release to go out on 21st November.

4. Stalls:
Calvin and I can do the stall this Saturday, 12-2 pm, Belmont Street. More volunteers welcome.

At the Abergreen event next week, we can have a stall any time Wednesday or Thursday, 10am to 4pm. Caitlin and I can do a couple of hours, but more volunteers are needed.

5. Film Night:
I have a short FoE video called Pumping Poverty and we can get a short Rising Tide video. Film night to be organised at the university on 30th November, and to be advertised at the public meeting.

6. Transport to the Demo:
We discussed hiring a bus or a minibus. If the Dundee group wish to share a coach and have sufficient interest, then we will book one. Calvin kindly offered to pay upfront, on the understanding that between both groups we will fill the seats or, failing this, will do a fundraising event after the demo to raise the difference.

7. Funding:
No information about out application to UNISON as yet.

8. Next meeting:
Monday, 21st November, 7.30 pm, New Kings Building

Almuth Ernsting

Minutes; 5 Oct 2005


here are details of the next meetings of the Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change:

Tuesday, 18th October, 7.30 pm (venue to be announced) - organising meeting - please see agenda below

Tuesday, 22nd November, 7pm - public meeting (venue probably Art Centre, to be confirmed)

The group met last Wednesday, 5th October to discuss how to mobilise for the 3rd December Climate Change Demo. Here are brief minutes - apologies if they are not at precise - it was quite late and a noisy venue!


1. Public Meeting:

The date suggested for a public meeting was 16th November, however some of us later realised that this would clash with the Abergreen event, a major event at Aberdeen University. This has now been changed to 22nd November, 7pm. Venue Art Centre, King Street (to be confirmed).

Title: "Climate change, poverty and war"

Suggested speakers/talks:

- climate chaos in the developing world: Calvin to contact a speaker from one of the development NGOs who are part of the Climate Change and Development Group (eg Oxfam, Christian Aid, Tearfund, Action Aid)

- the politics of climate change (post-Kyoto negotiations - will our government help or sabotage them?): Almuth to contact WWF for a speaker

- oil and war - people will think of a speaker to contact (Joshua to explore?)

- trade unions and the campaign against climate change - UNISON speaker (Gerard to contact?)

- possibly a speaker for the national/Scottish Campaign Against Climate Change

2. Publicity:

Calvin will edit the national leaflet for the demo on 3rd December so that it applies to Aberdeen.

Calvin and Almuth to look at visual materials (photos of climate change impacts) prior to the first stall.

Leaflet for public meeting to be designed once speakers are confirmed and before the first stall.

3. Stalls:
It was decided to hold stalls on the two Saturdays before the public meeting. (NOTE: The Abergreen event on 16th/17th November would also be a good venue for a stall - either an extra one, or replacing one of the Saturdays - to be discussed at next meeting).

4. Funding:
Almuth to contact Gerard McCabe, who previously offered to apply for UNISON funding for group expenses.

5. E-group:
The Campaign Against Climate Change have a website where local groups can set up their own egroups. Almuth and Calvin to explore.

5. Next meeting:
Tuesday, 18th October, 7pm (Joshua to organise and confirm venue)

Proposed agenda for 18th October:

1. News from the National Campaign Against Climate Change
2. Contacts with other CCC groups in Scotland
3. Public Meeting
4. Stalls and publicity
5. Funding
6. Structure of and communication within the group (including date of the next organising meeting, and e-group)
7. Transport to demo (bus or train?)

Hope to see lots of you on the 18th!

Best wishes,

Almuth Ernsting