Friday, February 17, 2006

Minutes: 6th February 2006


here are the minutes which Alister wrote from the meeting on Monday, 6th February (I was not able to be there myself):

1. Campaign against airport expansion:
Leafletting in Dyce went well, with relatively little negative feedback. There will be a stall in Belmont Street on Saturday, 18th February, 12.30-2.30 pm
Public meeting will go ahead on 28th February, speakers still being contacted.

2. Critical Mass:

The first event will be on Saturday, 25th February, 1pm, starting from the Castlegate. Alberto presented ideas for flyers which will be left on bikes all over Aberdeen.


Penny suggested that the group discuss a focus once the BAA consultation period on airport expansion finishes. To be discussed fully at the next meeting.


Kris mentioned a debate/meeting on "wind farms versus scenery" on 23rd March at the United Services Association (United Nations Association??), Bon Accord Square. [NOTE: Can anybody with details of time, speakers, content please send them to me and I can email others. Thanks].


Dave reminded everyone of the ACCC benefit gig being held at the Tunnels this Sunday from 8.30 onwards. Funds raised will go to Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change

9. Next Meeting

Mondays clash with Shared Planet and AU Socialist Society meetings, so a Thursday was suggested. Alister to book the Blue Lamp.


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