Friday, April 28, 2006



1. Media:
I was interviewed again by Grampian TV on Tuesday with regard to Aberdeen airport expansion. They were aware of our planning meeting, as was the Evening Express who sent a reporter to listen to everything we discussed last night.

[MY COMMENTS: We very much welcome contact with the media, and all our meetings are open to whoever wishes to attend! However, it may be worth stressing the difference between public meetings and planning meetings: A public meeting would usually include a presentation or video and we would wish to advertise it widely, including through the local media. Planning meetings, whilst open to anybody, are meetings for people who wish to be actively involved in campaigning in some way - we need them to plan stalls, future public meetings, etc. Media attention of planning meetings might, I fear, make it difficult for people to feel confident enough to share their views and ideas - no criticism of anybody intended, but I would welcome some media restraint in future. Many thanks.]

1. Airport Campaign:

We are still waiting for BAA to submit the Environmental Impact Assessment - they now say they expect to do so in May. Once they do so, a 4-week period will start during which people can object to the planning application for the runway extension. This will be our next focus.

We will do regular stalls and leafletting, using the previous but adapted leaflet against airport expansion, together with a new one-page fact sheet to help people right their own objection letter. Only individual objection letters are accepted by the Council, not standard ones (they are all counted as just one letter, we believe). We will also ask to give oral evidence to Councillors when the planning application is discussed.

Richard has offered to be a media contact for all issues relating to noise and quality of life under the flight path. He also helped to explain the different stages of the planning process. Thanks!

Once the Environmental Impact Assessment is published, as many of us as possible need to study it and help with the response. I will send an email out about this when it is published.

We discussed ideas for a 'publicity stunt' , possibly on 10th June (European Day Against Airport Expansion), and also in connection with the planning discussion. There were ideas about climate disaster images to use, as well as a 'street theatre' actions - any ideas welcome!

2. Public Meeting wit Jonathan Neale:

Jonathan Neale from the National Planning Committee of the Campaign Against Climate Change will speak at Aberdeen Foyer on 24th May, 7.30 pm. We would wish to make this a widely advertised public meeting and ask other groups to endorse it.

3. Critical Mass:

As before, last Saturday of the month, 1pm from the Castle Gate. Please help to circulate the fliers and posters.

4. Stalls:

We will be doing a stall at the May Day Rally, on Monday, 1st May - volunteers needed!

5. 3rd June Conference

We may be able to give some financial support to people who would like to go to the national conference of the Campaign Against Climate Change. This will be a very interesting and hopefully motivating event - for full details see . Please contact me if you are interested.

6. Next Planning Meeting:
Monday, 8th May, 7.30 pm (New Kings Building, Room NK7)


At 4:52 PM, Blogger gwenaelle said...

I would like to get in touch with people that are active in the Aberdeen Critical Mass, and I saw mention of it in your minutes, so I thought that you may be able to help me? If so, please email me at gwenaelle147 @ yahoo . ca
Thanks a lot!


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