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MINUTES: 3rd Sep 2007

Minutes: 3 Sep 2007 Aberdeen Campaign against Climate Change (PDF VERSION)

Items on the agenda
Action at Offshore Europe
Speaker available on 29th October
Bank Account for the group
Critical Mass to Live Again?
Possibility of solidarity with Save Iceland campaign.
Rising Tide Day of Action against RBS
Field signs for overhead aircraft.
Freshers Fayre
Representative at CCC Oxford meeting.
Discussion of 'everything we do and our overall direction'

Offsore Europe
Play organised play on Guantanamo Bay to highlight one of the many god deeds that oil companies are involved in when not pumping oil. Halliburton made much of 'Gitmo'.
Group to assemble in Aberdeen 9:30 Wednesday 05th of September on Union Street and take bus to Aberdeen Exhibition Centre.
Plan involves getting into the Foyer of the exhibition centre and reading poetry writte by one of the ditainees of Gitmo. Stickers , will also be plastered around with a variety of slogons.
We will have two leaflets; one attacking Halliburton, one pleading for people to 'come on over to the other side'.
(NAME) to deal with press release.
(NAME) will produce both leaflets and send to printers.
(NAME) will pick up leaflets on day of Wed morning.
(NAME) has donated £40 for leafler printing.
(NAME) noted after the meeting that Repro Overflow (Link) offer cheap printing. 3p Per Sheet for A4 coppying of good qauntities i.e 200 or more 'while you wait'. Phone:01224 646426 Addr: Unit 5-6, Frederick Street

Mandy Meikie of Depletion Scotland Available to Talk on 29th October.
(NAME) to book Arts centre or Peacock?
Opportunity to promote Dec 8th action.
We need to decide on a definet location (Edn/Glas) in order to promote action.

Unity Trust Bank Account.
We need three acount holders, any two of whom will be able to authorise checques.
(NAME), (NAME) and (NAME) all volunteered (NAME) is already taking the nessicary steps.
We need a constitution. This needen't be complex.

Critical Mass
(NAME) to find out when Aberdeen cycle forum is on...UPDATE: Sep 25th
Date (15th October) of RBS day of action would enable more people to attend, as has been found in the past with a joint cycle and protest.

International day to save iceland is Sep 12th .
Discussion on relavence to our group.
(NAME) going to look online for film/documentary. Aberdeen University people known by (NAME) are planning a political film night and this could be good for them.

Rising Tide day against RBS 15th October.
This is based on the fact that RBS calls itself 'the oil and gas bank'.
Report by Platform: The Oil And Gas Bank (Link)
Highlights a general trend in banks claiming to be socially responsible and carbon neutral but still funding hydrocarbon extraction, transportation and consumption projects.
Some amongst the group concenred about the relavency of this to our campaign and the difference between RBS and others.

Field Signs for Aircraft
There was a discussion about the idea of hiring a field to create some sort of sign visable from overhead aircraft.
(NAME) to look into the cost.
There where many suggestions about some sort of sign to be visible from the air. Including painting in the nearby disused Quary.
It may alternatively be possible and cheaper to create a billborad visable to people going to Aberdeen airport.
It may be even cheaper to replace adverts on the roundabouts approaching Aberdeen airport.
It would also be even cheaper to modify these in some way.

Freshers Fayre 1-3pm Saturday 15th September
We will share a stall with Shared Planet: (NAME) and (NAME) will do this.
We will organise a meeting for the next week Monday 25h planning meeting and climate camp discussion.
(NAME) to design leaflet.

Representative at CCC-Oxford meeting on Oct 6th
(NAME) will go unless her timetable is a problem in which case (NAME) will go.

Discussion of 'everything we do and overall direction'
(NAME) had some notes on things he thought should be discused. These are mainly questions and not personal views. These where presented largely as talking points, issues to be thought about and addressed at our next meeting. Image on next page contains this in overview.

Out of this disucssion (NAME) and (NAME) did decide to work together on materials for lobbying mp's and a working group visiting many local mp's seemed likely to form.

Next meeting date.

The next meeting was set for Tuesday 18th October. Monday the 17th was thought to clash with a meeting of Shared Planet.


On Saturday 22nd Everyone is invited to Number One for a Campaign against Climate Change fundraiser. This will hopefully be a busy will also be an opportunity to speak to people about the campaign and perhaps get some standing order forms filled out. Plus great cake, and home made cakes! Come and enjoy ballater for an afternoon.

Overall discussion of what we do and where we are going (Contd. on PDF Version)


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